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Fortress Web Design believes very strongly in doing a thorough job all throughout the design process. This includes our comittment to proper website evaluations on existing sites that are being changed or upgraded.

If your company has an existing website and you want to know how effective it is being, then our full website evaluation may be just the information you are looking for.

Our evaluations cover all aspects of your website:

  • Website load times
  • Overall layout and design
  • Navigation and Structure
  • Interactivity
  • Site target and purpose effectiveness
  • HTML Programming
  • Browser Compatibility
  • Search engine readiness (META Programming)
  • Search engine positioning
  • Overall recommendations

The final report is presented to you via e-mail or as a printed version. All sections in the report contain recommendations for problem areas and provide you with the information you need to reach the targeted goals for your site.

Evaluation costs vary depending on the size of the website to be tested. The following rates apply:

Small Website ( 1 - 25 Pages ) $ 500.00 CDN
Medium Website ( 26 - 100 Pages ) $ 700.00 CDN
Large Website ( 101 - 500 Pages ) $ 900.00 CDN
Extra Large Website ( 501+ Pages ) $ 1000.00 CDN

To request a website evaluation for your company website, please complete the form below. If you have any questions before placing your order, please use our

Your website evaluation report will be ready within 7 days. Payment required before report is delivered.

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Website Size Small Website ( 1 - 25 Pages ) $500.00 CDN
Medium Website ( 26 - 100 Pages ) $700.00 CDN
Large Website ( 101 - 500 Pages ) $900.00 CDN
Extra Large Website ( 501+ Pages ) $1000.00 CDN

Website Primary Objectives ie: Sell Products, Provide Information, Recruit Salespeople etc.

Website Key
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These are the words by which you wish to be found on the search engines.

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Payment due when report is ready for delivery

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