Features and Benefits

At Fortress we constantly look for new and innovative ways to accomplish great results for our clients without the huge costs one might expect.

With our many years of web experience and design, we can often find ways to utilize existing services and features on-line into a new business site seamlessly and at a very reasonable rate.

Our innovation drives us to develop new custom tools for use by our clients and better site tracking and monitoring tools. As technology changes, we change with it... when it happens... not after it happens.

S e r v i c e s

F e a t u r e

B e n e f i t

Template webpage design services Basic website design in a template format for small or home-based business… for no initial cost. Special designs available for Real Estate Agents and Financial Planners. Gives exposure on the internet for your business and preserves initial cash flow. Gives you the chance to experiment and grow your site as you do.
Custom web page design Full unique and professional websites of any size or complexity. All sites can be designed with your unique goals and focus in mind and for almost any budget. Peace of mind that you are getting a high-impact and technologically sound website that will have the impact for your business you need it to.
Website Hosting Fast web access for your site with a 99% guaranteed uptime. Multiple T3 connections and room for 1 Million simultaneous connections. Confidence that your site is there and fast to access when your clients go to look for it. No concerns over site or personal system security.
Website Promotions / Client Services Tools Background programming on your website for search engines. Access to our client services website promotion software. Ability to track all hits and referrals to your site. Instantly know how your site is doing and if you are being found. Track the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. Monitor and promote your own site at any time with our easy to use tools.
Fortress Associations Our affiliated and partner companies that support your project in areas of Graphic Design, Photography, and Printing. We can bring the entire project team under one roof and give you the complete confidence and peace of mind that all aspects of your website and marketing strategy are being handled professionally.
Marketing Staff We have a professional marketer on staff who is available to sit down with you and help you design a custom website or business marketing strategy Gives you the ability to get the immediate response and exposure that you need to have your website generate business for you. A professional to help you means no costly failed marketing experiments.
Professional Writers / Editors Writers and Editors on staff are able to create the punch for your words and ensure that they have the impact you require and that they are free from spelling and grammatical errors. You and your company come across looking professional. Your words have the impact that you need them to have to reach and convert your visitors and turn them into clients.
Financing available for larger projects Monthly payment plans available for larger websites with ease of qualification and low rates. Preserves your cash flow and lets you get the high-impact site you need on a budget that you can afford. Have your website generate the revenue to pay for itself as it goes along.
On-going Consulting and Support All our clients get an initial consultation and additional ones if needed to help them fully understand the Internet and how their project will best meet its goals. You will have a clear understanding of what is the best course of action and what the realistic goals and expectations for your project will be. We will be here to answer your questions and to address your concerns.
Client updateable websites Some websites can be designed to allow you to do all the maintenance and updates yourself. No need for maintenance contracts or other involvement by us. Preserves some of your cash flow for other uses and allows you to get instant updates onto your website and easily keep it current.
Flexible web maintenance contracts For those sites that need more upkeep or for those clients that don't have the time to do the work we offer affordable and very flexible website maintenance contracts. Keeps your site current and updated when you need it to be without high cost or time demands on your business.