So you're looking to get more traffic to your website. You happen to see an ad somewhere that says "Dramatically increase traffic to your website! We'll submit your site to 50,000 search engines and directories every month for only $19.99!".

As a company that has professional search engine marketers who understand what goes on behind the scenes, it's our utmost recommendation to avoid this trap. First of all, most of the sites they submit to are called FFA's or Free For Alls. You'll rarely get traffic from these because your site gets listed in one long, unorganized list of sites just like yours that no one ever uses. Also, the email you just used to sign up will most likely be sold and you'll end up with lots of junk e-mail that just won't stop.

Ever see those "automatically submit your site" buttons? Don't waste your time with these. Many top search engines today will block these programs from entering their site because so many people abuse this easy-to-get-listed way. First of all, these programs jam up their servers and secondly, if you submit when you're already listed, it can actually hurt your existing listing on a prominent search engine. Thirdly, almost all major search engines are now requiring that you pay for your business listing... or they won't list you at all.

In case you missed that last scentence, we'll print it again: Almost all search engines are now requiring that you pay for your business listing.. or they won't list you at all.

At Fortress we work with some of the best search engine marketers who work one on one with you to create a custom marketing plan that meets your needs.

We'll look at:

1. Your site layout. Is it search engine friendly?

2. Your site content. Is it formatted properly and optimized for engines?

3. Your META Tags and other 'hidden' programming code.

4. What key words and phrases you want to be found under.

5. What your competition is doing and how much competition there is.

6. Which engines are best to purchase space on.

7. How best to monitor and track your site's success.

8. The best ways to continually adjust your site content for optimum results.

9. and more...

Every search engine package is custom built for each client's individual marketing focus and budget.

Contact Us today to talk about your web marketing needs and to request a marketing quotation.