Company Info.

If you are looking for a Web Page that is a cut above the rest, you've come to the right place. We DON'T do the Mundane, Regular, or Ordinary. Here at Fortress we're passionate about creating the best sites the Internet has to offer. Take a look at our
portfolio, and feel free to ask us any questions.

We do Web Page Design for small, medium, and home-based business. Our packages are always reasonable and practical. We can literally create a site for any budget at all and will always work towards achieving the specific goals and visions of all our clients.

No matter how large or how small and simple a page you need, we're here to give you honest, understandable, and timely advice and service.

Asking how much a web site costs is a little like asking for the price of a car. It all depends on how sporty you want it and how many added features you'd like to see inside.

As a general overview, our small business web sites start at around $900 - $1200 and work their way up from there in terms of size, complexity, features and price.

One of our staff will meet with a new client in person or over the phone and go over a project's needs in detail. From that conversation we will be able to make some strong recommendations and provide a base site price and a list of options and possible additions.

Working together we come up with a package that fits your business and financial needs.

When we come to an agreement on the prices and terms, we will require that you sign one of our Web Design and Hosting Agreements and will require a 50% non-refundable deposit before we begin work on your site.

All final payment is due prior to your site being uploaded to your server and going 'live'.

We can create a website that will either update itself, or will allow you the freedom to edit and update as you wish. We also offer full maintenance and upkeep packages. These packages are usually sold in five hour blocks of time and the time is deducted from your banked total on a per minute basis as it is used.

For example, if you needed a few additions done and a new contact added to your site, it may take around 10 minutes to make the changes and to upload them. All we do is take 5 hours, subtract 10 minutes, and then keep track of the total remaining time. This allows you to make as many updates as you like, when you like. No "One update per month..." nonsense.

If you wish to do the regular updates yourself, we'll design your site and provide all original files to you on a CD Rom, along with the File Transfer program you'll need to send your updates to the web server. Full instruction will be included along with your files.

We can host your site and handle all the Internic domain registration for you. See our
Hosting section for more information on hosting packages and rates.

Domain registration carries a fee of approximately $10.00 USD / $15.00 CDN per year. New or transfered sites are not charged any setup fees.

If you would like to get some more information on our design process, or how it applies to your project, you can
Contact Us and request any information you feel you need. We'll quickly respond to you, and we can begin to take a look at your project and come up some solutions that fit your needs.